How Coaching Addresses The Top 3 Motivators At Work

Studies over many years have discovered some interesting insights as to what motivates people at work. The top 3 motivators at work are:

  •      Feeling Appreciated and Valued.
  •      Being involved in decision-making.
  •      Being supported with problems.

These studies have consistently shown that one of the main reasons people give for leaving their job is:

‘Their relationship with their manager’ – Source: CIPD Development Survey

How Coaching Addresses The Top 3 Motivators At Work

How Coaching Addresses The Top 3 Motivators At Work

Coaching is a very inclusive process. After all is said and done, coaching looks like a conversation between two people in a good relationship. This means that there is:

  •      Plenty of opportunity to demonstrate how you value each other (in fact it is proven that just committing some time to each other makes you feel valued!).
  •      Plenty of opportunity to involve each other in decision-making.
  •      Plenty of opportunity to be supportive with each other’s problems.

Therefore, coaching, when done well and consistently, directly addresses the top three reasons why the relationship between a manager and team member deteriorates. If you want people to “buy in”, stay and to perform to their full potential; managers must become confident in their use of coaching techniques.

Managers who coach improve productivity, morale and job satisfaction for themselves and their colleagues. Such managers find that people are more empowered, and less dependant on them, thus freeing them up to focus on their more ‘strategic’ priorities rather than being caught up in the ‘operational’ issues.

This means the manager has more time to spend on developing the skills; competence and independence of team members which continues to reduce their dependence on the managers. The end result is improved performance, less stress, more time for the ‘important’ things, as opposed to constantly putting out fires, and a happier more productive workforce.


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