8 Reasons Why People Who Use Coaching Make Better Managers

Coaching can be a valuable and effective addition to anyone’s repertoire of skills. However, it can be particularly powerful when used by managers as part of a coaching style of management. Here’s 8 reasons why:

8 Reasons Why People Who Use Coaching Make Better Managers

Motivating The Team – Coaching involves helping other individuals to work through big decisions and issues. It helps them to come to resolutions on their own, that will motivate and inspire their future actions.


Managing Stress – The skills used by a good coach can also be applied to self-coaching. Managers who can effectively self-coach are better able to work through their own issues and decisions, helping them to greatly reduce their own stress. Being able to self-coach helps you to solve your own problems, rationalise more effectively and decrease your dependence on other people.


Higher Performance – The ability to coach and self-coach allows managers who utilise a coaching approach to gain consensus and reach decisions faster. This helps themselves and their team members to perform better and become more efficient.


More Effective Self-Evaluation – Coaching is all about asking the right questions, at the right time. This means that effective coaches are able to ask themselves the right questions when self-evaluating. They are great at identifying areas of strength and weakness, and then acting accordingly.


Making People Feel Included – Coaching is a very inclusive process, it’s all about helping the coachee reach a resolution on their own. Coaching your team members shows that you value and appreciate their contribution. The coachee feels that they’ve been included and that they are an important part of the decision.


Greater Respect From Subordinates – Effective coaches bring the best out of their team members, whilst making them feel great about themselves and their involvement. This results in their team members having a great deal of respect for them, and often means that they are willing to go the extra mile for that manager.


Managing Millennials – Millennials are becoming a greater portion of the workforce with every day that passes. They have been raised to believe they can achieve anything and are very goal driven. Coaching focuses on the goals or outcomes of the individual and the steps they can take to achieve them. This appeals to the millennial workers need to feel that they are moving towards their greater goal.


Building a Coaching Culture – Finally, managers who adopt a coaching approach often champion coaching within the organisation. They understand the benefits and are willing to help build a positive coaching culture within the organisation.



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