7 Must Read Books for Workplace Coaches

When you’re getting into something new, it can be difficult to pinpoint the best literature to get yourself started. This is why we’ve compiled this list of a few quick suggestions to get you started with coaching and mentoring. In no particular order:

7 Must Read Books for Workplace Coaches

7 Must Read Books for Workplace Coaches

1. Nancy Kline – Time to Think

This isn’t just a book for coaches and mentors, but a book that everyone should probably read at some point. Time to Think talks about effective listening being the most essential and effective skill we can learn, especially for management. Kline provides a step-by-step guide as to how anyone can become an effective listener, making them more productive and effective as a manager, and as a person.

2. Stephen Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Having sold over 20 million copies worldwide Covey’s 7 Habits is a classic. As with our first book, 7 Habits is an inspiring and often life-changing read not just for coaches and mentors, but for anyone. The lessons offered by Covey in 7 Habits are timeless as the principles are solid and unchanging. If followed they will simply make you a more effective person!

3. Jenny Rogers, Andrew Gilbert and Karen Whittleworth – Manager as Coach: The New Way to Get Results

I’ll start with a disclaimer here as two of the authors are from our own team, so of course we love this book! However, Manager as Coach has received a very positive reception (short-listed for management book of the year), with people telling us that it’s really helped them to become more effective managers, and has allowed them to achieve amazing results.

4. John Whitmore – Coaching for Performance

John Whitmore has been a real inspiration for our own team at Worthlearning. His work with the GROW model has greatly influenced our own approach to coaching, a great read for anyone looking to start putting workplace coaching into practice.

5. Thomas G. Crane – The Heart of Coaching

This is a great read for anyone trying who’s not just looking to become a coach themselves, but hoping to influence a positive coaching culture in their organisation. The Heart of Coaching provides an achieveable roadmap, that lays out how to lead an organisation to higher-performance using coaching.

6. Lynne Cooper – The Five Minute Coach

The Five Minute Coach helps readers to put coaching quickly and effortlessly into practice. It’s outlines a simple, practical process for coaching that can help to improve the performance of both yourself and others.

7. Julie Starr – The Coaching Manual

One of the best, most practical coaching handbooks you can pick up. The Coaching Manual does a great job of outlining the principles of coaching, as well as providing practical and effective ways to start putting them into practice. A staple read for coaches.

There’s also plenty of free coaching content to be found all over the web, so have an explore and see what you find (you can subscribe to this blog for regular content). 


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