5 Things a Coaching and Mentoring Qualification Can Do For Your Career

A qualification in coaching and mentoring can provide a great number of benefits towards your career progression. Having a good understanding of coaching tools and techniques, as well as the ability to apply them in the workplace can be an incredible power to wield. Here are 5 great things that a coaching and mentoring qualification could do for your career:


  1. Improved Motivation – Coaching and Mentoring is most often associated with helping other individuals to work through big decisions and issues. However, the skills of a good coach can be just as easily used to coach themselves. People who practice self-coaching are far clearer on their goals and outcomes, and for that reason are far more motivated to achieve them. Try it for yourself, use the OSCAR Model to self-coach yourself through an issue that’s currently on your mind.
  2. Ability to Manage Stress – You may have noticed that people who can utilise self-coaching seem to exude a calmness that the rest of us struggle to achieve. Being able to self-coach helps you to solve your own problems, rationalise more effectively and decrease your dependence on other people. In this way, coaching allows you to greatly reduce stress as it makes you aware that, ultimately, only you can control your own stress levels.
  3. Greater Job Performance – Coaching models such as OSCAR can greatly enhance your ability to make good decisions. A structured approach to decision-making also means that the right decisions can be made far more efficiently, saving a great deal of time and resource. What does this result in? You become far more efficient in performing your job role!
  4. Improved Management Performance – Managers who successfully adopt a coaching approach with their team members are better managers. By using a coaching approach with your team members you have a far greater chance of them feeling valued, respected and knowing that their efforts are appreciated. What does this mean for you as a manager? People are more willing to work towards your goals and priorities, as you are the manager who shows that you appreciate them.
  5. Greater Recognition and Respect – As we’ve seen in points one to four, by utilising a coaching approach you’re more motivated, less stressed, performing at your best and helping others to do the same. People will start to notice your calm demeanour and the clinical efficiency with which you execute your workload. Naturally you’re going to get greater recognition and respect. You look like a rockstar to your colleagues and that promotion can’t be too far around the corner!
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