5 Management Learning Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2015

Over the last 5 years both technology and psychology have dramatically transformed the way that we look at learning. There is no doubt that the learning landscape is changing faster than ever! None of the following trends are necessarily ‘new’ in 2015, but they are gaining momentum like never before:



On-Demand Learning

Thanks to the internet, people have become accustomed to accessing pretty much any information on-demand. This applies to learning just as much as anything else – what’s the first thing you do when you need to find out about something new?

Any learning experience that does not take advantage of this trend is missing a trick. People do a great deal of their learning via bite-sized chunks that they find on the internet. Some examples of this type of learning are videos, blogs and eBooks. This all forms part of a continuous learning experience, and if you’re not providing your people with continuous learning then they are greatly missing out.


Blended Learning

This continues on from the previous trend, as to provide ‘on-demand’ learning, we need to change the way we look at training delivery. Face to face learning is an amazing and enlightening experience (with the right trainer), but it doesn’t provide an on-demand, continuous learning experience on it’s own. This is where blended learning comes in.

Blended learning allows us to make best use of classroom training, eLearning, informative blogs, videos and any other form of learning. The goal is to bring them all together to provide a more engaging and continuous learning experience for the individual.


Personalised Learning

The next step after blended learning is ‘personalised learning’. This is where learners really start to feel that the learning experience isn’t just flexible and blended, but that it has been built for them. People have different learning styles, different commitments and different preferences – one-size fits all doesn’t work, it never did.

People expect a lot from the services they pay good money for, and rightly so! People want tailored experiences that take into consideration their budget, their current skills, their technical requirements, the level and type of support they need (the list goes on). Companies that put the extra effort in to personalise the learning experience are the ones who are ultimately able to provide the best service.



Mixing learning with a bit of healthy competition and fun can make the experience incredibly rewarding. Gamification isn’t a new word anymore, but it’s still not that widely adopted in the leadership and management training industry. Positive reinforcement for learning feels good, and there’s plenty of great information on the internet around how to make it work for you in 2015.


Mobile Learning

People want to access their learning on mobiles. Almost everyone has a smart phone, and a growing number are using these devices to access and consume learning content. Companies not adopting mobile learning are no longer ‘slow adopters’, they are actually behind.

The biggest mistake made when developing mobile learning is assuming that it works in the same way as more traditional forms of learning. Don’t try and create mobile learning without first understanding what makes it so different to traditional learning. But don’t let it be a barrier for you either, as with almost everything else, there’s plenty of great information available online. This is the year to bring your learning experiences to mobile devices, if you haven’t already.


At Worthlearning we’ve been working for 20 years with organisations to help them to develop the best learning experiences for their people.

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